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Discover a highly qualified experience centre for Jabra Panacast 50 black

Are you someone who is looking to take your meeting space experiences to the next level? We got you! There lies a variety of video conferencing solutions that can help you to progress from your regular meeting spaces etiquettes. Yes! The present digital era offers a lot of technical solutions to all your business problems. […]

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Go to the subscription model of AV for your meeting rooms

You would have come across various articles stating that unified video conferencing rooms are the new evolution of traditional meeting rooms. Yes, it is! Although video conferencing systems can be a superior solution for levelling up a standard meeting space, There are numerous hurdles in setting up new conferencing rooms. In this article, we have […]

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How feasible can these new AV & IT solutions get? Kramer VIA campus 2 plus

Do they provide solutions to all the technical issues we are facing today? On an average note, the multiple IT solutions that launch in the market are not providing the features they promise, but there are certain gadgets which help Several institutions on a larger scale. They even act as digital saviours in unpredictable crises. […]

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Important things to know about Jabra panacast50

As a corporate business, it’s a sure thing to be bombarded by the normal and now with the new normal guidelines.  As we know, Setting up a meeting with the collaborative global teams seems very high tasking with all the pandemic residues that we are facing to date. To set this at ease, jabra panacast […]

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Reasons you should have wireless presentation and collaboration systems in your huddle rooms!

Imagine setting up a meeting with a projector and tangled cables all around the table in today’s era. If you are still opting for the above-mentioned systems, you are chasing technology at a slow pace. There are arrays of upgrading conference room technologies that can boost your meeting environment and end up in tremendous success. […]

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