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Zyxel Networking & Security Solutions

Networking & Security Solutions that can maintain a perfect balance between Data and Data Security to compete with other fast-growing corporate.  If a business cannot secure its data and properly manage the data flow that comes from its organization, they are facing some very real and potentially costly problems. Not only is security a major […]

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AMC | The Importance of Preventive Maintenance 

Why do businesses need it and How they can do it? Your busy office days may be stuck with repaired or under maintenance meeting hall or other AV units. Your AV unit installer may be asked you for two more days for maintenance.  It would be best if you had regularly scheduled maintenance and IT […]

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How to Get the Most out of  Digital Signage Solutions?

Digital Signage is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll be discussing the concept of digital signage and how this marketing tool can help to upgrade your sales and brand value.  Digital Signage Update is content where we […]

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Hardware As a Service for Video Conferencing

No Capital Investment | Simple Pricing Model | Pay As You Go | Hardware for your Video Conference Rooms in a Subscription Model Looking for a video conference solution that is easy to use and doesn’t require a capital investment? “Pay As You Go” is the perfect solution for you ! With our simple pricing […]

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Reasons why you need AI powered AV Over USB C to be implemented and How G-Gadgets could help you!

Reliable and simple to integritate G-Gadget’s AV Over IP solution is a completely scalable, flexible, and cost effective distribution channel. This can be easily manageable and  integrated with multiple rooms and either within the same or different campus. Quick Installation and Assured quality In an era of technological advancement, businesses can’t afford to compromise on […]

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Viewsonic Viewboard Interactive Display for your Collaboration and Class room Trainings

The below information will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your ViewSonic Interactive Display. The new ViewSonic IFP6550 specification is as follows – 65″, Android 8, Quad Core, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 20-point Ultra fine touchscreen, 2 tips, 4K UHD Resolution, Built-in MVBA, DM, Display & vCast, Optional slot-in […]

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Reviewing Panasonic LH 55AN3ND, a highly preferred smart DISPLAY

Back then, buying a smart DISPLAY was a very luxurious act and it demanded huge costs.Fast Forward to this era, smart display is the basic houseware in every household. A huge technology drift, right? In this case, various brands started launching different smart displays that have their features. As a result, the task of choosing […]

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Notable Panasonic LH 43AN3ND features that you should know

Being a most trusted and reliable appliance partner, Panasonic holds a huge credibility in the market among its new and existing customers. Speaking about its smart display production, they promise you a high level user friendly interface and cinematic views in their recently launched models like Panasonic LH 43AN3ND, 55AN3ND and 65AN3ND. If you are […]

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Review of Kramer K-180Mini, a video conferencing camera from Kramer electronics India for Unified Communication

Do you want to transform your tedious video conferencing to a super progressive and attentive session? You know, clear communication, along with an unobstructed video or view, will improve your performance percentage. To achieve this, you’ll have to bid farewell to blurry zoom video conferences you’ve attended in the past. Because we are about to […]

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Reviewing Kramer K-bar, the prominent system from Kramer electronics India

What could be an affordable solution for smaller & medium size room conferencing situations? Clinging to a belief that there are a lot of audio & video conferencing systems in the market that likely do justice to the purpose it possesses. But!! There is a task awaiting to choose the extraordinary out of the bunch! […]

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