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28-port GbE L3 Aggregation Switch with 4 SFP+ Uplink

Stylish Outlook

New ID design with carbon fiber look name plate delivers the modern look-and-feel in the closet.

High Availability

The XGS4600 Series comes with Gigabit connectivity and four integrated 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots that enable high-speed uplink connections for affordable, reliable network elements.

Stacking Capability

The XGS4600 Series allows creating a physical stack through one or two 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots. The dynamic routing feature simplifies cross-subnet communications for businesses such as hospitality venues and education institutions that operate complex networks. Additionally, now we offer the advanced routing license supports RIPng and OSPFv3 for XGS4600 to support IPv6 routing environment.

High Resiliency

  1. The XGS4600 Series is designed to support active-standby power redundancy to trigger backup power supply to take over in case the main power supply fails.

Robust Hardware

High-quality hardware design ensures stability and longevity for XGS4600 Series on your networks.



Application scenario in hospitality