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Scale Up Your WiFi Networks Easily

The exponential growth in the use of digital devices increases the demand for WiFi access points, which in turn leads to more provisioning and management issues. A well-designed WLAN controller is the solution to solve these problems.

Zyxel makes its advanced AP Controller (APC) technology available not only for its standalone NXC WLAN controllers, but also for its various Firewall products. This enables businesses to easily scale up their WiFi networks with less investment and management efforts.

Access Point Controller (APC) Technology

With less investment and management efforts, APC technology can help you achieve a scalable WiFi network with ease

Best TCO

Lower initial investment on equipment procurements Less configuring and maintaining efforts on multiple devices

Pay as You Grow

Scalable license-based WiFi AP management for more flexibility Zyxel’s e-commence platform (Marketplace for end users and Circle for partners) offers a single friendly portal for managing the licensed services

Best Superb WiFi Performance

Comprehensive WLAN technologies like the latest WiFi 11ax/axe standard, smart and dual-optimized antenna, RF First design and other advanced features to maximize WiFi performance Wall mount, ceiling mount or even wall-plate installation for different needs Indoor/outdoor wide-coverage installation for all locations