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Business Firewall USG20-VPN/USG20W-VPN

The latest USG20(W)-VPN is equipped with one single cloud management platform while strengthening the robust VPN connections across the branch offices and chain stores with an easy-to-use, integrated security solution designed specifically for your needs. USG20(W)-VPN delivers the best-of-breed protection without the cost or complexity.

Nebula Together

The USG20(W)-VPN is now part of the Nebula cloud management family with the same easy management interface and streamlined configuration & updates. The network functions and management services are pushed to the cloud and are optimized for managing distributed networks.

Secure Retail/Branch Network

The USG20(W)-VPN provides comprehensive VPN connection types including IKEv2, SSL & IPsec VPN. All offer customers secured remote connections. IPsec VPN hardware engine for high-efficiency VPN tunnel. VPN load balance/failover with IKEv2 ensures strong VPN reliability and security for your business. The USG20(W)-VPN is designed specifically for the needs of small business and branch locations, delivering enterprise-class security. Advanced networking and security features like Web Filtering, Security Profile Sync, and SecuReporter improves security by blocking access to malicious or risky websites, along with controlled access with integrated firewall policy for highly granular blocking and filtering, creating a unified security solution for both wired and wireless networks.

Centralized Provisioning from Nebula

With Zero-Touch deployment and simplified centralized management, installation and operation is no longer a hassle. After being registered to a network, the USG20(W)-VPN will automatically be discovered when it’s connected, then the preconfigured settings are automatically applied.
The USG20(W)-VPN helps customers to comply with regulations by offering log archiving service without the need for additional hardware and software installation.

All from One Place with Ease

From access points, switches, security gateways and firewalls, all Nebula devices are managed through the cloud using an intuitive interface that allows you to configure, manage, and troubleshoot all distributed networks from one single screen without the complexity of remote site access.

Comprehensive Content Filtering Service

USG20(W)-VPN delivers enhanced content filtering functionality and security through its powerful combination of both reputation and category-based filtering. The dynamic content categorization analyzes the content of a previously unknown website and domain, then determines if it belongs to an undesirable category including gambling, pornography, games, and many others. A newly added DNS content filter offers a better approach to inspect web access, particularly when the website is deploying ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) where the traditional URL filtering is not applicable to the destination domain.

Deep Insights Into All Your Devices

Device Insight gives you more visibility of your networks including wired, wireless, BYOD, and IoT devices. Enable it to identify devices with distinct security segments down to individual level. Device insights also detect vulnerabilities that are associated with those devices. It helps SMB(s) to reduce the number of human hours spent on investigation. Continuing with our goal of providing our customers with increased visibility, Zyxel SecuReporter gives your organization comprehensive endpoint inventory dashboard.

Analytics Report and Enhanced Insights

USG20(W)-VPN dashboard gives user-friendly traffic summary and threat visual statistics. Utilize SecuReporter for further threat analysis with correlation feature design, making it easy to proactively trackback network status to prevent the next threat event. Centralized visibility of network activities for you to easily manage multiple clients.

License and Service

The USG20(W)-VPN provides an indispensable feature set to perfectly fit small business requirements as well as to gain essential security services needed to protect against cyberattacks. Nebula Control Center (NCC) offers multiple subscription options to meet customers’ needs. The Nebula Plus/Professional Pack give you peace of mind at more control over your network updates and visibility, or even the most advanced management of cloud networking.