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Business Firewall USG2200-VPN

Safer, more reliable VPN connections

Faster processors today have vastly boosted the capabilities of attackers to decrypt VPN tunnels, with supports to the more advanced Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2), the VPN Firewall provides the safest VPN connections in its class to ensure maximum security for business communications.

The complete range of Zyxel VPN Firewalls deliver reliable, non-stop VPN services with dual-WAN failover and fallback support. With two WAN connections-one primary and one for redundancy-the Zyxel VPN Firewall automatically switches to the backup connection should the primary link fail, and automatically switches back to the primary connection once it is back online.

Best TCO for access expansion

People expect network access regardless of time or location. As a result, hotspots are in demand in an everexpanding assortment of locations.

Zyxel AP Controller technology enables users to manage APs from a centralized user interface. In addition, Zyxel Hotspot Management delivers a unified solution for business networks with user-friendly tools like Billing System, Walled Garden and Multiple Authentication.

Swift and secure firmware upgrades

Locating firmware updates — not to mention identifying correct versions for your device and managing their installation — can be a complex and confusing ordeal.

The ZyWALL VPN Firewall Series solves this with its new Cloud Helper service. Cloud Helper provides a simple step to look for up-to-date firmware information. New firmware is immediately made available upon release from our official database to ensure its authenticity and reliability.

Centralized Provisioning from Nebula

With Zero-Touch deployment and simplified centralized management, installation and operation is no longer a hassle. After being registered to a network, the USG20(W)-VPN will automatically be discovered when it’s connected, then the preconfigured settings are automatically applied.
The USG20(W)-VPN helps customers to comply with regulations by offering log archiving service without the need for additional hardware and software installation.

Stay Secure and Up-to-Date with

Zyxel provides frequent and timely updates in response to the latest security threats and advisories through OneSecurity — our free online service portal. OneSecurity offers informative network security resources and the know-how to assist businesses and IT administrators in keeping their network operations safe in the digital age.Information and resources can be found with one click via the GUI of ZyWALL USG Series and VPN Series products. IT staff can quickly and easily catch up on the latest threats, and then proceed to walkthroughs and troubleshooting protocols with the help of easy-to-follow FAQs — all provided to help users secure their networks and simplify management of our UTM products.

Up to 25.0 Gbps Firewall Throughput

Up to 3,000 VPN tunnels capability

Robust hybrid VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP over IPSec)

More secure VPN connections with SHA-2 cryptographic

Auto-provisioned client-tosite IPsec setup with Easy VPN

Facebook WiFi, Intelligence social media authentication.

Device HA Pro ensures smart handover

Hotspot management supported

Integrated AP controller as central management to provide flexible deployment options.

Subscription Services

The ZyWALL VPN Series provides a complete feature set to perfectly fit different business requirements as well as to enable the maximum performance and security with an all-in-one appliance. Comprehensive network modularity also empowers IT professionals to customize the system to meet their individual needs.

Application Diagram

VPN application

High-speed, high-security communications between local servers, remote devices and cloud-hosted applications with deployments of the ZyWALL VPN 50/100/300.
Secure, reliable VPN connectivity with IPSec VPN load balancing and failover features delivers high-availability services for exceptional uptime.
Easy-to-use, secure remote access via SSL, IPSec and L2TP over IPSec VPN.
The headquarter ZyWALL Series can also establish an IPSec VPN connection with Amazon VPC for secured access to leverage the benefits of cloud-base and to expend on premise networks that extend into the cloud center.

Hotspot Management

High speed internet access.
Tier of service
Log record for regulatory compliance
Premium security control
Various Network access control ( free or paid access, social login)
*: Hotspot Management supports for ZyWALL 110, USG110, or above in firmware ZLD4.25 or later.