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Fiber Transceiver Accessories

Hot-pluggable with maximum flexibility

Independent transceiver design provides the highest network maintenance flexibility. Transceivers can be freely added when required, and infrastructure upgrades or transceiver repairs can be done easily by just replacing the transceiver instead of the whole device.

No extra cabling cost to upgrade the fiber plant

Traditional fiber optic networking requires two strands of fiber for sending and receiving signals to accomplish communications.

Supports digital diagnostics monitoring interface (DDMI)

DDMI enables the switch to access operating parameters within the fiber link. This includes digital features such as soft control and monitoring of SFP I/O signals. In addition, the DDMI functionality enables the capability to implement digital alarms and warnings.

Complete fiber accessory portfolio

We provide multiple options including 1G SFP, 10G SFP+ and 10G DAC cables for different installation requirements.