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USG FLEX Firewall- USG FLEX 100

The latest USG FLEX 100 provides one single management platform on the cloud while expanding and strengthening the protection from firewalls to access points with automatic responses. The newly designed USG FLEX Series is capable of minimizing computing power usage and maximizing firewall performance, delivering up to 5x UTM performance with cloud flexibility and collaborative protection to help connect and secure small or mid-sized business users.

Nebula Together

USG FLEX firewalls, the new addition to the Nebula cloud management family, strongly empowers the full-blown Zyxel Security Matrix in Nebula, further optimizing Nebula with holistic security and protection for SMB business networks. Zyxel provides a centralized provisioning security policy to the remote workforce from Nebula and traffic shaping eliminating the network bottleneck to fuel the best business productivity.

Zero Trust Networks Security

Remote working is here to stay, USG FLEX series applies the principles of zero trust access. It ensures the same security controls are applied to HQ, branch offices, home, or wherever your remote workers reside. Create access policy with device contextual such as OS version or device category to enforce network segmentation. This reduces the attack surface and prevents threats from spreading.

USG FLEX minimizes risk by adding granular policies and access authentication for the ever-growing needs of a secure workplace. Improve protection across identities, devices, applications, and network. Reduce risk and build trust across your entire digital assets.

High Assurance Multi-layered Protection

USG FLEX is designed with multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats from in and out. Multiple security services empower you to restrict users’ inappropriate application usage or web access. Zyxel offers leading-industry DNS content filter, eliminating blind spots in all encrypted traffic with TLS 1.3 without the need to deploy SSL inspection. All together safeguarding your network without any unattended gaps.

Simplified and Unified Licensing Experience

We know the experience from license purchase and renewals are equally important to our partners. We’ve optimized the licensing management platform and brought a consistent migration path between on-premise and our cloud platform. We make sure our partners can quickly adapt to a secure environment without the hassle but retaining the flexibility for those who need to practice the same security across networks scenarios.